About Mooney Computers

Proudly servicing the Lindsay area since 2003. Previously business was run under the name “Jesse’s Computer Service” from 2003-2008. From 2008-2015 the name was “Mooney Tech”. Finally, the name was changed to “Mooney Computers” in 2015. As of February of 2016 Mooney Computers is an official registered business in Ontario.


About Jesse Mooney

Jesse has been working with computers from a very young age. Jesse’s first encounter with computers was in about 1990, back when people did not have the internet on their computers and DOS was most commonly used. It was in 1995 when Jesse started having more of an interest in computers. Windows 3.1 (the one before Windows 95) was really where he started to get more interested. In 2003, Jesse sold his first refurbished computer a Pentium 1 Dell OptiPlex. It was around this time when he first started going to clients houses to fix issues with computers. In 2009, Jesse graduated from Fleming College with a Computer Engineering Technician Diploma (CTN) and in 2011 graduated from Trent University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree.